Dr. Eve Edelstein, Assoc. AIA

Perkins+Will Human Experience Lab

The brain, with neurons as numerous as stars in the sky, is the very core of how we experience design. Dr. Eve Edelstein, Assoc. AIA, F-AAA, explores the translation of neuroscience into brain-based design principles that serve the human potential. Learn more about her process during our Day 2 Keynote, Anticipate Challenge: Design That Overcomes.


As research director of Perkins+Will’s Human Experience Lab, Eve leads teams in the creation and application of virtual reality and computational systems to reveal how design measurably influences human experience, cognition, health, and well-being. She shares design solutions by leading charrettes, colloquia, and research with architects in fields including health, education, urban design, and landscape architecture. In collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, Eve also studies cognition, communication, and collaboration in the workplace.

Virtual reality experience, © Perkins+Will
Perkins+Will research process, © Eric Jepsen

Optimizing architecture

Her clinical expertise in hearing science informed new psycho-acoustic tests of workplace disruption as well as a NASA initiative on noise exposure in space stations. As principal investigator for a research study funded by the AIA Latrobe Prize, she investigated how circadian light affects heart rates, which informed guidelines and led to the creation of a new simulation and rendering system for architects. She co-founded Clinicians for Design, an international group of clinicians whose work inspires the design of health care environments and systems. Eve leads the DesignHealth Co-Lab, an inaugural member of the AIA Design and Health Research Consortium.

Eve is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and serves on the boards of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and the International Academy of Design + Health. For the California Department of Health Services, she contributed to the development of policy for the world’s largest hearing screening program for newborns and infants, and developed the first certification courses and programs in neuro-architecture.

“The brain is our final frontier. I delight in working with teams to translate neuroscientific discoveries into spaces that serve both the continuum of human needs and our greatest power—creativity itself”

Keynote details

Eve shares the keynote stage with David Delgado, Dan Goods, and moderator Michael Bierut on Day 2 of the AIA Conference on Architecture. Don’t miss this exciting keynote happening Friday, April 28. The event begins at 8:30am.

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Anticipate Challenge: Design That Overcomes

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