Amy Cuddy

Best-selling author, Harvard professor

Change remains life’s one constant. How can you prepare for it—and lead it forward? Amy Cuddy, acclaimed author, speaker, and scientist behind the power-pose phenomenon, teaches people to look inward to anticipate and shape what comes next. Join us for her unforgettable Day 3 keynote, Anticipate Change: Design That Evolves.


Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s work focuses on the impact of nonverbal behavior, prejudice, and stereotyping, along with ways people can affect their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a Harvard Business School professor and in-demand presenter, she teaches thousands how to become more present and influential in their own lives.

Her 2012 TED Talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” ranks as the second most-viewed TED Talk of all time. The Guardian named it one of 20 Online Talks That Could Change Your Life. Her book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, was an instant New York Times bestseller. Amy has also written for New York Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and CNN.

No stranger to change

Amy was never supposed to become a successful scientist—or even graduate college. In college, she suffered a traumatic brain injury after a car accident. Doctors said she would struggle to finish school but she proved them wrong, earning a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude and then an MA and PhD at Princeton University.

“Our bodies change our minds, our behavior, and our outcomes. Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes.”

Keynote details

Amy wraps up Day 3 of the AIA Conference on Architecture with what promises to be an unforgettable presentation on the power of change. Don’t miss this exciting event happening Saturday, April 29 at 12:30pm.

See Amy:
Saturday, 12:30pm, Hall C
Anticipate Change: Design that Evolves

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