Face time

Connect with the architecture world beyond academia at A’17, where you’ll meet some of the most creative minds—and brands—in architecture and design. This three-day immersive experience includes inspired keynotes, sessions by leading architects and firms, local architecture tours, and one of the industry’s largest expo floors. Plus, your students get in for just $25.


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Expo-nential learning

Discover 170,000 sq. ft. of high-velocity learning at the Architecture Expo, packed with the newest materials, building products, and technologies.

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Easy networking

Connect to new experiences and with new people at happy hours, parties, celebrations, and informal gatherings and receptions.

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Local architecture tours

Explore Orlando’s spectacular architecture through 60+ curated tours of landmark destinations including Wright, Calatrava, and Graves.

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Students register
for $25!

Do you work with full-time undergrad or grad students? Let them know they can register for just $25.
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to Eat

Connect with other attendees at some of Orlando’s favorite foodie destinations. We’ll make your reservation! More >